We provide financial and operational consulting services to entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, businesses in transition and large corporations. We are "working consultants." We do more than offer suggestions; we work with our clients to implement the solutions provided to obtain their business objectives. We have substantial experience in the areas of management accounting, treasury functions, cash management, financial modeling, financial restructuring, corporate banking, legal issues, cost control and management information systems.

We specialize in non-traditional solutions to strategic and financial impediments. Whether a Company is a start up firm or is a company in under-performing industries and distressed industry segments, we can provide innovative options to capital and strategic needs.

At the same time, in the search for capital to execute their business plan, entrepreneurs often find themselves on unfamiliar ground. The identification, presentation, negotiation and successful completion of proper financing arrangements can be a time-consuming, frustrating and confusing experience. We help to simplify and optimize the process.

Our charge is to guide a troubled firm safely through a corporate crisis or reverse the direction of a declining business or guide an entrepreneur to make a success of his enterprise. It is a task for only the most experienced and market savvy consultants.

Armed with fresh ideas and a wealth of experience, we can breathe new life into a faltering company or into a fledgling enterprise. As we analyze and then attack the problems at hand, we can make decisions with total objectivity because, as an outsider, we can set goals without a preconceived agenda.

Presently ACSPL is providing following services in 4 major areas Viz. Corporate Financing, Corporate Restructuring, Legal & Management Consultancy