Management Consultancy

Atishya having best professional team to provide a following management consultancy:

  Mergers and Acquisitions  


When a company takes over another one and clearly becomes the new owner, the purchase is called an acquisition. From a legal point of view, the target company ceases to exist and the stock of the buyer continues to be traded. A merger happens when two firms, often about the same size, agree to go forward as a new single company rather than remain separately owned and operated. This kind of action is more precisely referred to as a "merger of equals." Both companies' stocks are surrendered and new company stock is issued in its place. M&A may be of various types:


  A vertical M&A integrates different types of businesses that may share a supplier-customer relationship.


  A horizontal M&A brings together related businesses.


  An extensional M&A joins two similar businesses to enter a new market.


  A hostile takeover occurs when a stronger business absorbs another against its will.


  Acquisitions / Sale of Assets  


It is one of the fastest modes of acquiring major market share and desirable assets. We advise on purchase and sale of businesses and industrial units by working out appropriate buy / sell strategies and negotiating with parties. We assist in complying with business accounting and legal due diligence, and arrange finance accordingly.

At ACSPL we conduct business research and analysis, and advice on valuation of assets, disposal of assets and acquisition of assets of financially weak companies

  Association and Alliance  


Our service here involves identification of joint venture partners, strategic alliances and technical or financial collaboration and negotiating with them.



Joint Ventures

An enterprise participated in by associates acting together, with a community of interests, each associate having the right to participate in its management



Strategic Alliances

Collaboration between two or more companies designed to achieve some corporate objective. This may include international licensing agreements, management contracts or joint ventures. Partnerships formed to create a competitive advantage on a worldwide basis




A corporate action where an acquiring company makes a bid for an acquiree. If the target company is publicly traded, the acquiring company will make an offer for the outstanding share. We assist by providing strategic planning and facilitating the takeover in line with regulatory guidelines. The target company to be acquired company can be listed or unlisted.


  Valuation Analysis  


By combining sophisticated financial analysis with over 20 years of experience in merger and acquisition advisory, ACSPL provides a unique, third-party perspective to our valuations of businesses and underlying securities.

We employ several methodologies in every valuation analysis, providing you with all the internal and external data needed for sound decision-making.


  Fairness Opinions  


Transactions involving acquisitions, divestitures, and reorganizations often require expert opinions, typically rendered by investment bankers, as to the fairness of the transaction's financial terms. ACSPL provides fairness opinions to boards of directors, special committees, and other interested parties. In our due diligence, we review the same information required in performing a valuation analysis. In addition, we analyze the valuation and structure of the transaction; the form and timing of consideration; market factors; the financial, accounting, and tax implications; and many other factors, depending upon the situation.


  Business Planning  


ACSPL specializes in chalking out business planning for corporate houses. It involves detail study of promoter mind, running through various opportunities and the investment decisions to result in an ever growing appropriate business.


  Credit Rating Advisory  


ACSPL assists as a credit rating advisory of debt instruments, fixed deposits and other ratable instruments for long-term debts and short-term papers. Credit rating is an evaluation of the likelihood of a borrower to default on a loan. A grade is assigned to a business concern to denote the net worth and credit standing to which the concern is entitled in the opinion of the rating agency as a result of its investigation.


  Transfer Pricing  


Transfer Pricing (TP) is likely to emerge as the most important issue for large international businesses over the next few years, as tax authorities are increasingly checking companies that cannot explain their transfer pricing regimes. ACSPL provides detailed Transfer Price study w.r.t. country legislature.


  Investment Advisory  


We act as an investment advisors also for both domestic and international investors and funds by identifying units / companies for takeover and assistance in completing the takeover.


  Advisory Services on Presentation of Annual Accounts and Financial Structure  


We render advisory services on presentation of annual accounts, financial planning, capital and debt structuring and to reduce the overall financial cost to benefit the shareholders. We also render advisory services on financial structure for meeting specific short-term and long-term objectives.