Corporate Restructuring

During our decade long experience, we have dealt with almost all the banks and institutions in India. Our adherence to core values and neutral approach has resulted in an exclusive relationship with lenders. With "Out-of-the-box solution" approach, we devise win-win solution for lenders as well as the borrowers.

Our in-house market intelligence team, dedicated research center and state-of-the-art knowledge management system has empowered us to structure the most appropriate product and a suitable lender.

Our in-depth knowledge about the market dynamics and focused experience has enabled us to advise perfect terms (Interest rates, Financial covenants, etc). This has been our key competitive edge and also established forte.

  Advisor to Sick Company  

We are advisors for sick & weak companies. We provide following services to such companies:


  Arranging funds, strategic alliances, investment participation or takeover for the revival of sick units.


  Continuous strategic management intervention for revival / turnaround.


  Preparation of rehabilitation of sick units and presentation before authorities


  Change in Group Structure  

Merger and De-merger within the Group Companies


A legal action resulting in the unification of two or more legal entities. Such an event can be advantageous because of Economies of Scale and also give a competitive edge by synergies derived from the unification.


The splitting of a company often originally formed as a result of a merger, into two or more separate companies. It gives the existing shareholders shares in both companies




The combination of two or more commercial companies into one unit


  Change in Capital Base  

Buy Back Shares

We assist companies in changing their capital base through BUY BACK of SHARES. Buy back of shares is permitted in many parts of the World. The main reasons for following this route are return of surplus cash to the shareholders, increasing underlying share value, supporting share prices during temporary weakness, and preventing or blocking hostile takeovers. Buy back is also used as a financial strategy by corporates for streamlining their capital structure, swapping equity for debt, as well as for reducing the number of shareholders to reduce the cost for servicing them, etc.



Reduction in Capital

This occurs when a borrower makes a lump sum payment towards the capital owed on a mortgage. Also known as a partial redemption, it often has a minimum permitted amount and is a process whereby the issued capital of a company is reduced. There are two circumstances in which this might take place. These are:

Where future operations of the company are expected to be on a reduced scale so that a smaller level of finance will be required; and

Where it has to be accepted that past revenue losses can never be made good and that they amount to a permanent loss of capital


  Change in Debt Structure  

Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR)

Our strong Business relationship with leading banks and financial institutions has helped us in assisting companies to get their debts restructured. Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) has evolved as a voluntary and non-statutory arrangement between lenders and borrowers, for timely and orderly restructuring of debts of corporate entities affected by certain internal and external factors. Timely corrective actions, when the assumptions made at the time the project was conceived and executed do not materialize, will go a long way in preserving the economic value of the project. To the bankers this is a crucial element in credit management. Even for an impaired loan, restoring the health through a structured restructuring exercise is the first step in NPA Management. If this fails, one needs to look for a quick exit option. Legal steps for recovery of dues take time and in the process, the value of assets goes down. For a banker time value of money is critical. Sale of the assets at the best possible price is the ideal way to recycle the funds blocked in NPAs and also clean up the Balance Sheet.



One time Settlement (OTS)

We can assist companies in getting their long outstanding debts through ONE TIME SETTLEMENT of RBI



Swapping of Debts

We also assist in getting DEBTS SWAPPED through banks and financial institutions. Swapping of debt can be for cost reduction as well as tenure adjustment