Corporate Financing

Our Corporate Financing service involves matching client objectives with the financers. The process involves an analysis of our client’s needs and requirements before identifying financing options and sources; formulating strategy to align client objectives with that of the financier; approaching the financier with the proposal, and finally undertaking the deal structuring and conducting negotiations. Several products facilitate companies to meet their funding requirements, as companies require funds for long term and short-term purposes in the form of debt, equity, hybrid or securitization.


We offer various products to raise resources through Debt. Through our keen market understanding and vast experience we are able to recommend and arrange the optimal product suited to the clients needs.

  Term Loan
Term loans can be arranged for new project, expansion or asset acquisition at most competitive rates. We prepare the detailed project report along with all documents required for bank financing. In addition we also help in induction of the funds.



Foreign Currency Loan
Low cost foreign currency loans can be arranged for exporters/ importers through varied routes.



External Commercial Borrowing
ECBs are permitted by the Government of India as a source of finance for Indian companies wanting to expand existing capacity, as well as for fresh investment.



Working Capital Loan
Arranging Working capital loans in terms of fund based and Non Fund based e.g. Letter of credit and Bank Guarantees etc. from Banks for day to day operations of the Company i.e. procurement of raw material, holding of stocks, book debts management etc.


  Trade Finance
Trade financing consists of a series of financial services to facilitate the trading activities for a shopkeepers, retailers and whole salers. Including Export and Import finance.



We deploy teams of technical and functional experts – nationally or internationally, who are empanelled with us, to furnish regulatory and compliance obligations related to a Public Issue. We manage as well as provide strategy for raising resources through the equity via:

  Public Issue


  Rights Issue


  Private Placement


  Preference Shares


  Global Depository Receipts/ American Depository receipts (ADR/GDR)  
  Hybrid Instruments  

We provides Financial instruments that possess, in varying combinations, characteristics of forward contracts, futures contracts, option contracts, debt instruments, bank depository interests, and other interests. These instruments provide solutions to some special needs of our clients. These instruments includes Convertible Debentures, Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds etc.



We also assist in arrangement of finance not only against mortgages but also against securitization of future receivables, stock, etc. This refers to the process of imparting liquidity to highly illiquid assets. The securities are usually liquid, negotiable and highly rated. They include bonds, floating rate notes and commercial papers. The securities are designated 'asset backed securities' as each security is backed by a specific pool of assets rather than being a general corporate obligation of an issuer.

  Future Receivables Financing
This involves repackaging of future cash flows from advances into securities and issuing them to the investors. In the process of enhancing liquidity, securitization also reduces the interest rate exposure for the financial intermediary since risk associated to rate fluctuations is eliminated.



Asset Backed Securities
An ABS is constructed by packaging together a group of securities and then issuing a new security whose purchaser has a claim against the cash flow generated by the original package. This process is known as securitization. Asset-backed securities are debt securities backed by the collateral (the security) of a pool of ring-fenced assets.