Atishya Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2004 in the state of Gujarat for carrying on the business to act as consultant, advisor, representative, liaison etc; in all its branches as financial, legal, commercial, marketing, corporate management, business management, loan syndication Legal Consultancy on the financial matters, techno-economic feasibility studies, project report etc.

We derives our exposures to the world of financial consultancy since 2004 and then this team of professionals has joined together to provide much better services to the clients in the year 2004 and Established ATISHYA CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD.

ATISHYA has ventured into four major business areas:

  Corporate Financing  
  Corporate Restructuring  
  Legal Consultancy  
  Management Consultancy  

We aspire to be the world's leading financial management services organization. Through its network of businesses approach—in which the company enhances its consulting and outsourcing expertise through alliances, affiliated companies and other capabilities— we propose to deliver innovative solutions that will help clients across all industries quickly realize their visions.

Change is the only inevitable truth and organizations clinging to old ways of leadership and management will not continue to prosper for long. Facilitating Organizational culture change management is a "Passion" at ATISHYA CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT. LTD. Management Consultancy Services was solely set up to foster a paradigm of organizational change with a focus on People Skills and Capabilities, Organizational Support, Resources, Processes and Technology. We truly believe that Organizational Change for the better is a direct indicator of the better business performance.

Keeping the aforementioned statements in mind, under the Management Consultancy Services Division we are committed to improve the skill sets of people, organizations, processes and technology by offering them services that will improve their quality in all the aspects of business.


Director's Message

Greetings from the family of Atishya. We are here to strengthen the cause of our corporate brethren by extending our hands to achieve the cherished mission of growth and prosperity. All of us are concerned about one thing and that is, growth of the company and for the stakeholders. At the same time we also realize that growth is a process and it starts with a vision and strategy. The process of envisioning is rendered more difficult if the circumstances demand a radical shift in the way the company defines its business. The mission of any company is dynamic and the best practice is to establish a system that can be nurtured for achieving the growth. Ideally we would like the system to be so defined that even the smallest of the task can be planned into small and measurable steps, and then focus on progressing one step at a time.

We come with a message to develop and build a strong system, with emphasis on people, processes, resources and the technology, with our focused trainings by providing services like corporate financing, corporate restructuring, legal and management consultancy that will give positive signals across the company. The most obvious skill is a proactive skill of keeping one’s antenna on the ball. As we are fast moving towards globalization we would want to transform and create compelling vision. For this values have to be nurtured and instilled by having

  The courage to bet on your vision.  
  The ability to shape your vision of the market into a mission for the company and sending a consistent message for customers and employees.  
  The will to deliver more than you promise.  
  The spirit to be dedicated to the best of practices, even to the fault of your company.  

Dear patron, we are here to walk with you, hand in hand, to walk together in the changing world of globalization to achieve our visions and dreams. With your service at heart, we have divided our operations into four divisions.

We have always believed that our success stems from our resolve to put our customers first and to keep them competitive. With this discipline and persistence we strive to reach our goals and prosperity with our customers. We hereby trust and take this opportunity to serve you in a better way walking hand in hand.  

We wish for your commitments and look forward to your continued patronage.

Devendra jain


Vision & Mission

Our Philosophy
To deal openly and honestly with our clients and believe that our success is based on building, enduring, beneficial and successful relationships with them.

Our Vision
To be the preferred financial solutions provider consistently delivering value through innovation and commitment.

Our Mission
To deliver customised solutions by seamlessly integrating knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship, and to foster long term relationships with our stakeholders.

Our Commitment
To provide our clients with expertise in the often confusing and complicated world of finance, and achieve highest level of customer service.


Our Approch

We understand that every advisory engagement is distinct as to the client needs and procedural requirements, thereby at Atishya we follow a consultative approach and tailor our services and solutions according to the engagement and its specific circumstances – but despite that – Atishya believes in taking charge of every engagement by approaching certain essential attributes common to every engagement that include the following:

  Understanding Client’s needs and objectives.  
  Developing a thorough understanding of client’s business to get at the root and take control of the task.  
  Conducting a thorough financial review – where necessary.  
  Creating a comprehensive strategy.  
  Defining the solution -- & delivering positive, effective, cost-effective results.  
  Seeking to provide the most favorable outcome on an assignment, Atishya team approaches each engagement as a trusted advisor for our clients. We believe that the best result occurs when our clients remain satisfied in choosing ACSPL Atishya Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. long after the transaction is finished.  



  Business Ethics  
  Customer Focus  
  Mutual Respect  
  Professional Pride  
  Integration of Technology  



The ACSPL was conceptualized and founded by CA Devendra Jain
& Mrs. Shailja Jain. The company has a dedicated team of proven professionals.

Devendra Jain (C.A.)


Valuing strong, long-term relationships over individual transactions has helped Devendra Jain, to promote and establish ACSPL reputation for cutting edge client services. A Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in Business Advisory Services, Corporate & Financial Restructuring, Fund Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions. He has been providing Management Consultancy Services to both private and public sector companies in addition to extended advisory services to the Government in formulating policies for setting up and growth of industry. His strong business acumen and astute financial foresight have charted the success of our clients and put the company on an ascendant path.


Shailja Jain (M.A.)


Mrs. Shailja Jain, Director Business Administration, shares and imparts her skills in day to day business operations of the Company.


CA Bhupendra Singh Rajput


A Chartered accountant by profession has vast experience in auditing and taxation for last
15 years. He is associated with us as a consultant and assists us in Business analysis and
Accounting/ Auditing.


CA Dinesh Jain


A Chartered Accountant works after our consultancy division by virtue of his 20 years of
experience in management consultancy.


CS Devesh Khandelwal


A Company Secretary assisting ACSPL in corporate law and affairs and has wide exposure in
Merger, Acquisition, and Restructuring of debts.


Alok Arya (Advocate)


An Advocate by profession and helps us in legal issues mainly related to property disputes and


Karan Soni


He joined Atishya group as a Finance Trainee and now looking after He is
an MBA and has good knowledge regarding NPAs. He also supports in resolution of NPAs by
meeting various group of people.


Vijay Trivedi


He is our marketing manager, has flair in marketing banking products. Before this, he has also
worked with Standard Chartered Bank for 5 years.


Alpa Bosmia


She Started her Carrier after Graduation, in Chennai Plastic Manufacturing Company as an
Accountant, and after Gaining Manufacturing Accounting Knowledge for about 4 Yrs, she joined
a trading unit in Ahmedabad. Currently she is with ASCPL and taking care of Corporate Loan.


CA Maulik Shah


He has completed his CA on November 2011, & Graduation from HLCC & Completed Master as External Student from Gujarat University, he has been a Part of RST Associates as an Article Assistant where he gained knowledge on Accounting, Auditing, Taxation & Banking Matters experience gained has landed him in Atishya Family.


CA Kalpesh Chandaliya


He has completed his CA on November 2011 & has Graduated from HR College of Commerce & Econimics, Churchgate as a Bachelor of Commerce. He was a part of Chhajed Kedia and Associates, Mumbai as an Article Assistant where he gained experience in Auditing, Taxation and Banking Matters. He has an expertise in making Project Report, CMA & Financial Forecast Report. He is heading the ASCPL from Mumbai Branch as a Finance Associate.




ACSPL with a pan India presence has joined hands with some leading and prominent organizations and set up network in all major cities like Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kota, Indore, Calcutta, Surat, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Vadodara, ACSPL also has fleet of other professional with expertise in various fields.